Paul  /  Florida

“I could never cast a vote for somebody who failed so miserably in his first term.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Paul Smith. I’m in Orlando, Florida. I voted for Trump in 2016. I will never vote for him again. I cannot support such a despicable human being.

“I’m the father of two young girls and I could never cast a vote for a rapist. I could never cast a vote for somebody who failed so miserably in his first term, particularly pertaining to the pandemic. I think that he is a dishonest charlatan. He is a conman, and he has duped a lot of very smart and not so smart people, into believing everything that he says.

“Let’s talk about the indictments. He’s got four indictments with 91 counts against him. I believe all of them are legitimate. It’s clear to me that he is a traitor. He is a seditionist. He is an insurrectionist. He is a dishonest… I don’t know if I’m allowed to use four letter words, but the guy’s a piece of shit.

“He referred to soldiers who died in World War II as suckers. Disqualified right there. He said he’ll be a dictator on day one. He said for one day or for the first day, or whatever, you know, semantics.

“Ultimately, the damage that the most powerful person and leader of the free world could do in one day is terrifying to me, when you consider that that person could be Donald Trump. The country is in good shape because we have been in capable, steady hands, and if you vote for Donald Trump, you are voting to throw all of that out and start over. And that is unacceptable.

“This American experiment has been a resounding success, and to vote for Donald Trump would be a vote to take all of that off of the table and start anew with an administration and a country that is led by emotion and hatred. And that is not the America that I wanna live in. That is not the America that I wanna leave for my kids. I find it so frustrating and in 2024, there is no chance I will vote for anybody but Joe Biden.”