Barb  /  Illinois

“I think the fact that Trump is facing 91 felonies and the four indictments sets a horrible example to the next generation.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Barb Hernandez, I’m from Illinois, and I voted for Trump both times. The reasons I voted for Trump before, especially in 2016, is because as a Republican, I felt that his policies were more in line with my policies and what I wanted in the president.

“The reason that I cannot vote for him again, there’s many reasons, but one is January 6th, the way he handled it, or should I say, didn’t handle it. I was watching it live on the news and I was horrified at what I was seeing. These people just storming the Capitol and the violence that was starting to happen.

“I was horrified, and I felt like on January 6th, Trump had that rally and he said he was gonna march with the people to the Capitol, which he did not do. He went back to the White House, I think, and this thing went on for a few hours before he even called for peace. And I feel in my heart of hearts that he was in the White House loving every minute of it. What kind of a president is that?

“The way I feel about Trump still denying the election results from 2020, is he’s knowingly lying. It’s almost like Russian propaganda. He just keeps saying it and he’s brainwashing his followers to believe this. It just shows that he doesn’t care so much about the Constitution or democracy. He said to Pence, when Pence said, “look, it’s my constitutional duty. I can’t not go with what the electoral college decided.” And he goes, “well who are you more loyal to? The Constitution or me?” Like, what’s that?

“I feel that Trump talking about retribution and maybe jailing his adversaries and only putting in people that cow tow to him, it just smacks of dictatorship. And he even said, “somebody said to me: are you gonna be a dictator?” And he goes, “well, on day one I will be, but then we’ll see kind of thing.” I think he really loves, he admires people like Putin and Kim Jong Un, that are dictators and have all this power, and that’s what he wants.

“Trump has become a clear and present danger. I think the fact that Trump is facing 91 felonies and the four indictments sets a horrible example to the next generation.Meaning like any crook, now obviously, he hasn’t been convicted, he is not in jail, but he has so much of this baggage. And he’s like dividing his time between court cases and rallies, court cases and rallies. Trump sets such a horrible example in so many ways.

“I cannot vote for Trump. I will not vote for Trump.”