Richard  /  South Carolina

“Trump … just seems to get worse every time he talks.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Rick from Santi, South Carolina, and I voted for Trump in 2016. I voted for Trump because I wanted to see more conservative Supreme Justices get into the court. I can’t support Trump anymore because of the way he treats other people, the way he mouths off about everybody except his loyal supporters.

“He’s just not, doesn’t have the right character to be a world leader. Trump has had his better days and he just seems to get worse every time he talks. Well, I was brought up to try to treat people fairly and treat ’em with a kind heart, and Trump just cannot do that. And also, if he gets elected, all that guy’s gonna do is his retribution and I’m sure he’ll pardon Giuliani and all of his cronies and the Jan. 6th. And it’s just unbelievable to me that that could even happen. I think Trump was the founder of that whole January 6th episode. He was the one behind it. He was the one calling people to fight like hell.

“The Republican Party no longer is a Republican Party. It’s a Trump Party. And I would love to see the Republican Party come back in its full glory from the Reagan years I will vote for Biden, just so that Trump can’t take the nomination again.”