Steve  /  Wisconsin

“I just don’t trust who he is and what he says, and I don’t think he’ll be good for democracy.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Steve. I’m a former Trump voter. Voted for him in 2020. I live in Wisconsin right now. After the last election, he just went overboard and actually some of his supporters have gone way overboard and I don’t support that. I’m going back to being uncertain about him and worrying about who he is and what he will do. I don’t trust him. I think some of the things said have worried me. He’s talked about doing away with the Constitution at times and I just don’t think that he is a true conservative. He talks more like a totalitarian.

“His views on Ukraine and his comments on Ukraine like, “he will take care of the war on day one,” can only mean that he will let Putin have what he has gained and maybe more and I just don’t think that is fair to the Ukrainian people. I don’t think that’s fair to freedom of democracy or to Europe. Europeans are very concerned about what Putin’s doing, which is why Finland and Sweden have joined NATO. Sweden has been neutral for many years, decades, and Putin’s recent aggression has made them join sides now and so they are concerned. The rest of the world should be concerned. I think Trump’s tendency toward isolationism is not doing the world a favor and his recent comments about not coming to the side of NATO allies, despite a treaty that we have with them, is very troublesome as well. That’s what I mean. His words make me not trust the kind of leader he’s going to be.

“I’m not gonna vote for him in this election coming up because I just don’t like the way he has behaved, I don’t trust him. He has become untrustworthy. He seems almost deranged, unstable, is the word I would use. I just don’t trust who he is and what he says, and I don’t think he’ll be good for democracy so I just can’t vote for him this time around.”