Rick  /  Washington

“Donald Trump is more focused on being in power than serving.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Rick. I live in Seattle. I’m a former Donald Trump voter, but not currently a Trump voter that’s for sure. I don’t think Donald Trump is qualified to be president of the United States in terms of his experience in government, which he has really none, in terms of his character and he certainly has no knowledge, I don’t think of, the US Constitution and what it means to be loyal to the Constitution and lead others astray, where they’re more loyal to Donald Trump than they are to the US Constitution.

“I think the second term with Donald Trump would be more of what he’s already talked about, focusing on retribution. His inability to really fathom the results of his decisions, which would be bad, poor judgment would be really detrimental to democracy. He’s really, Donald Trump is more focused on being in power than serving. My personal opinion is anyone who wants to be president is not the person for the job. If a person wants to serve as president and they have the right background, I’m all for them.

“I believe that Donald Trump has become just way too outside. Way too extreme. You can’t be so far right and get anything done. You’re just not going to get anything done if you’re way far right. I’m not gonna say the truth is somewhere in the middle, but the compromise is where, as Benjamin Franklin said, that’s how it really works. You have to learn to compromise. It can’t be all be your way. That’s what Donald Trump wants to do. Just his way. His way or the highway.

“You have to consider the US Constitution. That’s the founding document. The Declaration of Independence, of course, but it is what makes our republic, our democracy, a republic is the constitution. You have to maintain your loyalty, certainly, if you serve in government or if you serve in the military and you have to be true to your oath. It’s what holds us all together. We need to be the United States. We need to be a united people, and I just think he’s really dangerous for democracy, if not for the whole world.

“I don’t agree with everything about Joe Biden, but I think he’s a much better man, a much better person, quality of person, and a lot more experienced in foreign policy, and everything with government. So this year, Joe Biden’s my man.”