Terry  /  Mississippi

“In the 2024 election, I want to support a Republican. I will never support Donald Trump.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, I’m Terry McKee and I’m from Mississippi and I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Donald Trump failed us during his presidency as a leader. He drove the country into millions and billions of dollars worth of debt, spending on his credit card, on our credit card, our future. And Donald Trump also was failed leader. None of his cabinet, none of the people that was around him, continued to support him because they know him up close. So in 2020, I did not vote for Donald Trump. He failed me. He failed the United States.

“Donald Trump was a hundred percent responsible for January 6th. He allowed it to happen. And then after the fact when it boiled up he had the opportunity to avoid it, to turn the crowd away, and refocus on values of the United States. And Donald Trump failed. He stoked the fire and then he went and tried to hide it.

“I spent eight years in the military and I know what it takes to be a leader. Donald Trump is not that. The military people that he’s disgraced that used to be in his cabinet, those generals, he talked bad about. He a actually mentioned that one of ’em should be executed. These generals would not support somebody that doesn’t support the constitution and support the United States. I believe in their moral character. I believe that they’ve made a judgment about Donald Trump, that he has no moral character and he should not be in any leadership role.

“In the 2024 election, I want to support a Republican. I will never support Donald Trump. And if I’m forced to, I will vote for President Biden because he is a leader. He’s not the one that I would pick, but he is a leader.”