Tom  /  Pennsylvania

“He sat idly by and did nothing while our capitol was being destroyed.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Tom Neff, lifelong, resident of the state of Pennsylvania, voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and I most definitely will not be supporting him ever again. I think the number one reason why I can never support Donald Trump, just the overriding issue in at all is the worst thing about Biden and the best thing about Trump all goes completely out the window because of January 6th. That is just an unforgivable act. You can’t ever have someone who contests our fair and free elections, especially the fact that so many federal judges refuted his claims of unfair elections. That’s just un-American, it’s undemocratic, and it’s dangerous to the future of our country.

“If Trump gets elected again, didn’t he actually say himself that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Times Square and get away with it? I think he’s trying to prove that to us. All this talk of retribution and pardoning the people that attacked our capitol on January 6th and just this total lack of what’s going on in our country. It’s scary and it’s undemocratic and it’s un-American. If you’re undecided at this point on who you’re gonna vote for, all I would like to say to you is look at what happened on January 6th. How can you not be influenced by that? Whether he caused it or not, even if you think that he didn’t have the cause, he sat idly by and did nothing while our capitol was being destroyed. What true American president would do something like that? He had the power to stop it and he did nothing. Case closed.”