Andy  /  Pennsylvania

“My fear is that if he gets back in, this will be the last election of our lifetime.”

Video Transcript

“I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016, quickly realized it was a mistake. My first inkling that this was an absolute mistake was the cabinet turnover. Anybody that knows anything about organizations and companies knows that once you start cycling people in and out, it’s a sign of a very poorly run organization, and when it’s our cabinet, that has our national security in mind, it becomes even more scary. Then from there we had COVID, which was a horrific example of how to handle a crisis. Anybody can lead in good times, but the good leaders know how to lead in bad, and he was an absolute catastrophe. You had people showing up to state capitols with masks on and assault rifles. You had people in his name planning the kidnapping of governors, and then you had an insurrection on January 6th. After all of that happens, now all of the indictments, the possible selling of nuclear information to the Russians, him bragging about classified documents with guests in Mar-a-Lago being recorded, attacking judges sending out addresses of former presidents.

“Leadership matters and who you have at the head of the table is who you are, and I really, really hope that we as a nation don’t turn back to that. We’ve had it once. We’ve had it nonstop for almost the past 10 years. There is nothing good that will come out of this. My fear is a second Trump will be more unhinged than you can imagine. And I think not being a sociopath or a psychopath, we can’t really kind of envision what would happen and I don’t think our minds, people that are normal, our minds don’t work that way. But let me just tell you, it will be every unhinged person from Mike Johnson to Marjorie Taylor Greene to Kari Lake, to more than likely Tucker Carlson that will have their hands in and be in very important positions, have their hands on very sensitive materials. That is not something that we wanna have happen.

“It’s funny, I’m 46, so the first election that I remember other than Reagan, Mondale, vividly was Dukakis Bush. And every election it’s always advertised as the most important election of our lifetime. My fear is that if he gets back in, this will be the last election of our lifetime. He wants to be a dictator. He has made no bones about it. His boot licking to Vladimir Putin is no longer hidden. He has complimented Kim Jong-Un and he has also complimented Saddam Hussein as somebody who’s tough on terrorism, and that is an absolute fact. Three people that are responsible for the suffering of not only other citizens of other countries that are in close proximity to them, but also Americans. He is, without a doubt, the worst president we ever had. And like I said, leadership matters. Him coming back into power would have devastating consequences and I shudder to think what the next catastrophe will be if he’s back in power. My fear is that it will be way worse than COVID.”