Roman  /  New Jersey

“Republicans have become everything that they rallied against and even worse.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Roman and I’m from New Jersey and I am a one-time, former Trump voter. I think the main reason that I cannot support Donald Trump anymore and did not support him in 2020 was because he became completely disconnected from reality. He refused to acknowledge the science of COVID. He would not listen to any experts. Obviously when Donald Trump became an election denier and caused the January 6th insurrection, that was just a bridge too far for I think any decent person. I can respect people who supported Trump in 2020. I can respect people who even suggested, let him have his day, let him figure out what went on in the 2020 election. But once the election was decided and once that attempted coup happened, I don’t see how anyone in good conscience can support Donald Trump.

“One thing that really gets me, it’s a little but of a mélange. I am Ukrainian. My grandfather left Ukraine, got stuck between Stalin and Hitler in various displaced person camps during World War II and immediately after and came to America because America, right. So Trump being so in bed with the Russians on this, it’s not only something where I will say this is not the party of Ronald Reagan when I was a kid standing up to Gorbachev, this is just unrecognizable and it’s deeply personal to me when I hear people talking about those kind of things. So that gets me and Trumps, just the language and the way that it has infected politics has really become very offensive to me. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh all the time, and one of Rush Limbaugh’s undeniable truths of life was words mean things. And so when Donald Trump talks about a bloodbath, those words mean things. When Ron DeSantis talks about slitting throats, words mean things and I really think that overall they have made the discourse dumber. They have hurt education. They have set us back generations now. Scientific progress, social progress, who knows what sorts of medical and technological advantages we might have had over China and places like that in the coming years that now we’ll not see because so many of Donald Trump’s supporters in government have decided to kneecap our educational system and take so many people and turn them against, essentially, intelligence.

“So much of the conservative language and all, it requires so much twisting of yourself into knots to make it work anymore. Like everything just seems so phony and contrived and you feel like Katie Britt, you really do. I think that was kind of when things sort of started to unravel for me and when everyone just became so unserious. They have no interest in getting anything done. They plainly stated they don’t want to fix anything. They don’t want to fix immigration because they would rather run on the issue. That was the kind of thing that we used to accuse Democrats of doing 20 years ago, 40 years ago, whenever it was. Republicans have become everything that they rallied against and even worse.”