Dale  /  Ohio

“If Donald Trump eliminates the Constitution or even parts of the Constitution, then we’ve lost it all.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Dale. I’m from Troy, Ohio. I am no longer a Trump supporter. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I was unable to vote for him in 2020, and I will not vote for him in 2024. I originally voted for Donald Trump because I vote Republican and I’ve been voting Republican for many years, and he was the Republican candidate.

“I would be unable to support Donald Trump now. I read that Donald Trump said that he would terminate the Constitution, and I think that’s a horrible thing. The Constitution is what guides our country. And if Donald Trump eliminates the Constitution or even parts of the Constitution, then we’ve lost it all. We’re in trouble.

“I would hold Donald Trump responsible for the violence that took place on January 6th. On January 6th, I didn’t quite understand what was happening. But as I’ve gone through and understood, you know, I’ve heard his speech now and I’ve seen the hearings that they had on TV. I’ve gained a lot more information and I just think it’s terrible. He is a criminal that needs to be locked up.

“I have seen in the newspaper and on TV that Donald Trump has committed these crimes and people say, ‘doesn’t matter, let’s have him to be our president anyways.’ And I feel that Donald Trump has committed these crimes. I mean, it’s pretty clear, especially with the document situation at Mar-a-Lago, and I think he needs to be held accountable. You just can’t believe how many of my friends think this is a great thing and, you know, churchgoing people and, it just… it blows my mind.

“Voting for President Biden as me being a Republican is a little bit of a difficulty, but I’ve had plenty of time to process what Donald Trump has done to our country, and I’ve listened to Liz Cheney. I hold her in high esteem. And Adam Kinzinger also. And I believe they both are advocating a vote for Biden just to protect the democracy. So that’s what I’ll do.”