Brandt  /  South Carolina

“He squashes people for their First Amendment rights.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Brandt. I’m from South Carolina. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I feel like Donald Trump at that time was someone who would be able to cut through red tape and get the job done, but I found out that he is much too pugnacious and he cares about only himself in all the decisions that he makes.

“I feel that he squashes people for their First Amendment rights and he tries to use military leaders to do that.

“I feel that in the Ukraine, he’s not supporting our NATO and European allies financially as well as militarily. The members of the Ukraine Army have a wonderful fighting spirit.

“If we would’ve had that type of fighting spirit in Iraq and Afghanistan, I feel that those countries would be sovereign independent nations.

“Joe Biden has been working so well with the economy. I feel that he does work well with our NATO partners. If we were to have another election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, hands down, I would vote for Joe Biden.”