David  /  Wisconsin

“He lost, and January 6th is a disgrace, a stain on our history.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, I’m David and I’m from Madison, Wisconsin. I was an alternate delegate to the 2016 National Republican Convention in Cleveland. I did vote for Donald Trump in 2020, never again. I think he disqualified himself by leading the insurrection on January 6th.

“I thought he had a successful presidency, but he’s had a horrific post presidency. He led the mob against the Constitution really in trying to overturn a duly elected president. He lost, and January 6th is a disgrace, a stain on our history.

“As General Mark Milley said, we swear an oath to the Constitution. Donald Trump’s already said what he thinks about the Constitution, and it’s not good. We can’t elect a man like that who doesn’t respect the Constitution. The Constitution is above us all. The President takes an oath to defend the Constitution. He has promised to subvert the Constitution.

“I’m a conservative Republican and I believe in rule of law. I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in free and open elections, and being a good loser when you lose. Donald Trump lost.”