Chris  /  Missouri

“I’m not willing to surrender my honor to a man like that.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name is Chris and I’m from Missouri. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I do not plan on voting for Donald Trump in 2024. I plan on voting for President Biden this year. The number one reason why is I’m a 20 year army veteran, active duty, and there’s absolutely no way that I can support a man who, while he was commander-in-chief, said that American servicemen that gave their lives for this country are “suckers” and that POWs and pilots who were shot down are “losers” and anyone that condones that, excuses that, rationalizes that, has surrendered their honor along with Donald Trump.

“Number two, how can I look at my wife, my daughters, my granddaughters, and tell them that Donald Trump is a man that you should respect as president, even though he is been found guilty of sexual assault. I just can’t. I’m not willing to surrender my honor to a man like that. He’s also been found guilty of business fraud and this is the man that some in America think should be our leader, that’s cult-like behavior. And his refusal to accept that he lost his last election and his attempt to illegally remain in power is unforgivable. Now, I read Liz Cheney’s book, “Oath and Honor.” I read Jack Smith’s indictment against him. I’m working my way through the congressional summary of the Jan. 6 committee and he lost the election fair and square. But as I learned in many of the military leadership schools that I went through, Donald Trump displays one of the worst leadership character traits of all. He is quick to take credit for anything positive that happens anywhere around him, but he will never take responsibility for anything negative that happens. That is the absolute worst leadership trait of all. He is a horrible leader and anyone who supports that, especially any form of military, I question, “What did you learn while you were serving?”

“Now, I am still a Reagan Republican and a constitutional conservative. I will continue to have policy differences with Democrats, but that is trivial compared to the threats that Donald Trump and the MAGA movement present to this nation, and I will be on the right side of history. I will not have to hang my head in shame when my grandchildren asked me what I did at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history.”