Chuck  /  Nebraska

“This was an insurrection, and it was led by Donald Trump.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Chuck. I am from the state of Nebraska and I am a former Trump supporter.

“I completely, 100% hold him accountable for the insurrection of the Capitol. Mr. Trump invited those people. He invited them knowing who was gonna show, and he is 100% responsible for what happened that day. This was an insurrection and it was led by Donald Trump.

“He needs to be incarcerated for this and I will never vote for him. I just cannot vote for the man, and it can go from just being moral. From dishonest, from a criminal and an insurrectionist.

“So he’ll never get my vote ever, ever, ever. I will vote Democrat. I can’t believe I’m saying it. But I will not ever support or vote for Donald Trump ever. I’ll vote for Joe Biden.”