Darin  /  Illinois

“Trump’s election denialism is the most scary thing about him and his potential future administration.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Darin Croegaert, I’m from Illinois, and I supported Trump and his administration in 2016.

“I wanted an outsider. I wanted someone who could come in and hold people accountable and not buy into the status quo. I thought that he could wrangle some feathers and frankly, get a lot of stuff done. What bothered me about the Trump administration is that he quickly polarized the Republican Party. He catered to the extremes of the Republican Party.

“Trump’s election denialism is the most scary thing about him and his potential future administration. He’s really calling in question the whole basis of democracy, and that is the people have the right to choose their leader.

“He’s saying that we didn’t choose the leader that we have in office today, the last election, and that couldn’t be more blatantly false and the fact that Trump and his allies keep spewing this lie is the biggest threat that we have to our democracy, which frankly scares me from my children and future generations of my family.

“He’s the one that drove action towards the Capitol. He drew his followers into a fight against what was a valid and legal election. That to me is a dereliction of duty. His job as the President of the United States is to defend our Constitution and defend the democracy, and he is the one single person today that has the highest likelihood of ending our democracy.

“We’re quickly on the path to a dictator. Trump said he’ll be a dictator on day one of his presidency, only day one. I don’t believe that for one bit. If he’s gonna be a dictator on day one, he is gonna be a dictator, period. We as the American people need to stand up and show him that it’s the people’s choice, not his.

“I voted Republican straight across the board my entire life until I saw Trump and his role in January 6. I can’t support a person like that. I can’t support a Republican Party that is catering to the extreme right, who call themselves right, that aren’t even conservatives.”