Jason  /  Kansas

“I do not believe he cares about the Constitution. I do not believe he cares about this country. I believe he cares about himself.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I am Jason from the state of Kansas. I am a two time Trump voter. I originally voted for Donald Trump because he wasn’t a career politician and he was opposite of the Democratic Party and I have values in the Republican ideology and I was supportive of voting for him in 2016 and 2020 after January 6th.

“I’m not comfortable voting for him again because I fear that he only cares about himself and being in power. I do not believe he cares about people and I can’t make the argument anymore that character doesn’t matter because I think we model our leaders. I think what we see in America from our politicians and leaders, especially at the highest level, trickles down.

“I fear that would lead to more division. I do not believe Trump cares about the Constitution. I would, based on what he has said, I believe that he would do everything he can to change the Constitution so he can stay in power. I do not see him honoring what this country is built on. And I see more division, hate, and chaos happening if he’s reelected.

“In 2024, there’s no chance I will vote for Donald Trump. I did that twice in 2016, 2020. I see now that it was a mistake to give him power.”