Edward  /  Michigan

“I have no choice but vote for Biden.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Ed. I live in Michigan. I have been a conservative my entire life. I vote for the best man, and time after time it seems to be a Republican. So I did vote for Trump in 2016. To be honest, he wouldn’t have been my first candidate, but when it comes down to him or Hillary, the choice is obvious.

“I helped him get in, I voted for him, and then I watched four years of complete chaos. He had 20 Cabinet firings. He had 91 percent turnover in executive senior staff. Fourteen Congressionally approved Secretaries resigned. This is all in four years. This is more than any other president. So I don’t know how somebody can vote for him when he runs the White House like another episode of “The Apprentice.”

“It just is not good for the country. I have 20 grandkids and five great grandchildren. I do not want him to be in charge of the government that’s going to determine their future. It just doesn’t make sense. When you get down to the man’s ethics and his morals, when you look at what he has done in his lifetime, you can’t look at the man as a person with integrity and the high moral qualities that I expect from the leader of our country.

“He is not the kind of man I want with his hand on the button to start a nuclear war. Is that the kind of guy you want? Not me. On abortions, the man waffles back and forth. I may not agree with the stand that he takes, but would you at least take a stand? He is back and forth on that and a number of different issues. He just bends with every little breeze that’s out there.

“So that’s just a few of the reasons why Trump’s not going to get my vote this year. And it just makes me feel bad to vote for a Democrat, but I think I’m going to have to vote for Biden. I have no choice but to vote for Biden because it’s the only way we’re going to keep Donald out of office, and that’s the top priority. So if you have to vote for Biden to prevent a mad man, egotistical person with no morals and no integrity, you have to vote for the better choice.

“You just can’t vote for a man that has no regard for our Constitution. You can’t vote for a man that has no integrity and no morals and no concept of how to run a government. So you have no choice. You just have to vote for the alternative. And there’s only one that has a chance of beating Trump.”