Tom  /  New York

“Donald Trump has shown he has no regard for the laws of this country.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Tom, I’m from New York, and I am a two-time Trump voter.

“While I didn’t really agree with Donald Trump’s behavior and some of his rhetoric, I assumed that the people in orbit around him would keep him, kind of, in check, and so I assumed that while he may not be the person that I would’ve thought would be the best candidate, I thought that Donald Trump would be controlled and directed by those around him to be a more of a conservative and normal Republican candidate.

“From inciting an insurrection to Donald Trump’s behavior when it came to veterans or COVID or everything in between, Donald Trump has shown that he has no regard for the laws of this country, the constitution of this country, or even the people of this country.

“Joe Biden is the only path to keeping a stable country, in the face of a very chaotic world that’s going on right now.”