Gary  /  Arizona

“It is pretty clear to me that Donald Trump is a conman and a criminal.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Gary, I am from Arizona and I’m a lifelong Republican, up until a few years ago when I left the party largely because of its complete loyalty and sellout to Donald Trump. I did vote for him in 2016, just the, you know, lesser of two evils still functioning, believing that the more conservative was okay and it did not work out well at all in my opinion.

“I absolutely could never support Donald Trump again for any position in government. He betrayed our trust, in many ways, but most definitely in the January 6th, 2021 events. Here we have a sitting president that basically incites a riot on the grounds of the United States Capitol and endangers many lives resulting in injuries to I think 150 Capitol police officers.

“I myself am a former police officer, so that’s pretty personal to me. It is pretty clear to me that Donald Trump is a conman and a criminal, and he thinks like a criminal, like the hundreds of criminals that I’ve known and dealt with in my career. And that is that he will say almost anything if it will accomplish a purpose, but the veracity, the truth of what he’s saying is not an issue, it’s will it get me what I want. And so his statements of support for law enforcement cannot be trusted. And his statements of intention to get his revenge on federal law enforcement like the DOJ and the FBI should be taken seriously.

“And I believe that he would be more than happy to dismantle that entire apparatus, federal law enforcement, in order to get his revenge for what Trump believes they have done to him. And this would result in the very important functions that the FBI and other federal agencies serve not being performed and Americans would suffer. That does not matter to Donald Trump one bit.

“Well, my plan is to vote for Joe Biden and not because I’m so absolutely impressed with his presidency and not because I have become a Democrat, I have not, but because it is imperative that Trump not be elected, and I see voting for Biden is the only effective way to stop that.”