Jason  /  Alabama

“I think that Trump used a lot of Christians for his own gain.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jason, I live in Phoenix City, Alabama. I voted for Trump in 2016. I cannot support Trump again because I believe that Trump really dropped the ball when it came to Covid. I also believe that Trump did not deliver on a lot of things.

“As an evangelical Christian, I think that Trump used a lot of Christians for his own gain, and not necessarily delivering on promises.

“At first, January 6th didn’t quite affect me, until I saw the ramifications of what happened, seeing the actual footage and seeing how Donald Trump sought to undermine the Constitution. Instead of just accepting the fact that he lost fair and square, Donald Trump wound up stirring it up his base in such a profoundly unethical way that I don’t think anybody ever experienced, and it not only sent a message to the country, it sent a message to the entire world.

“I totally believe that Trump was responsible for the violence on January 6th, given that there was so much video evidence of Trump egging on his supporters and just telling them to keep going at it, until Trump put out the message to say, “go home, we love you,” that kind of spiel.

“I would say that Trump’s rhetoric on immigration borders on xenophobia, if not outright xenophobia. The comments about them poisoning the blood of the country and just following just one religion, it goes totally against the First Amendment.

“The First Amendment talks about the freedom of religion and not restricting the free exercise thereof. And me as a truck driver, I have encountered people of different religions and it has helped me to actually better understand them. And to just say that they are poisoning the soul of the country, is just flat out wrong.”