Jon  /  Washington

“I was disgusted by what Trump said before the riot and the insurrection.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jon. I’m a lifelong conservative Republican. I served in the Navy for six years and 14 years in the reserves, and I supported Trump in 2016. When it comes between Trump and Biden in 2024, I will not vote for Trump.

“Trump not sincerely honoring the sacrifices of veterans, talking about John McCain as a loser and somebody who got captured as being a loser. That is just beyond the pale. I cannot understand how anyone could support this man after saying that, calling the people who died in war, losers, and he himself not having served.

“There’s no way I could support Trump. I was watching on January the sixth. I saw the whole damn day and I’m just disgusted. I was disgusted by what Trump said before the riot and the insurrection. You can split hairs if you wanna call it an insurrection or a riot, but it was damning. Trump did it. And Giuliani did it. They started that whole shebang. And I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw police being attacked, which is just a whole betrayal of the whole concept of the party, of the rule of law.

“I was totally disgusted with that, and I knew that Trump should have been relieved right then and there by the 25th Amendment. Trump did it, and it was a total betrayal of his oath to the Constitution.”