Steve  /  Texas

“Trump cannot be trusted anywhere near the seat of power ever again.”

Video Transcript

“I voted for Trump in 2016. It was dangerous for him to claim that the election was stolen. His whole claim that immunity is necessary so presidents don’t get prosecuted. There were 44 before him. Not one of them’s been prosecuted. I mean, the fact that a president of the United States would keep and share with foreign nationals classified documents is appalling.

“That’s treason on any base level. The attempt to overthrow the elections, the one thing you expect from the chief executive is to preserve our system of democracy and to basically plot, to overthrow it, to become dictator for life, which is what it looked like he was trying to do, you know, makes me believe that Trump cannot be trusted anywhere near the seat of power ever again.

“I can’t imagine a second term. It’s something that just fill me with dread, and I’ve never really dreaded any politician before. There are people I disagreed with, but there there’s only one that I really feel at this point is totally unacceptable as a leader of this country and his willingness to, you know, support Putin and saying, you know, for a guy who doesn’t pay his own bills, suggesting that NATO countries should be invaded by the Russians for not paying as much as he thinks they should pay, is just the height of hypocrisy. I certainly will not be voting for Trump in 2024.