Karl  /  Texas

“If you go against him or what he believes, he’ll stab you in the back.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Karl and I’m from Texas and I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“In 2016, I was excited. I thought Trump would be the

“proverbial breath of fresh air, a non-career politician.

“I felt like he was being exceedingly childish with his social media posts calling names he wasn’t being the President that I would’ve expected him to be.

“I reluctantly voted for him in 2020.

“The main reason I won’t vote for him again

“is because he idolizes authoritarians and has stated that he wants to be a dictator. I struggle with that.

“Trump idolizes Orban, Putin, Kim Jong Un, the guys that our President shouldn’t be idolizing.

“If you go against him or what he believes, he’ll stab you in the back and he’s not above retribution and he wants to tear down those that don’t agree with him, 100%.

“Trump turned the table over on all the beliefs that I had incorporated from the Republican Party, freedom of choice, less government, things like that.

“If somebody were on the fence about voting for Trump or not voting for him, I would tell you to dig deep down in your soul, and is this the man who really should be leading this country?

“And in my opinion, that answer is no.

“I will not be voting for Trump in the 2024 election because of his desire to be a dictator, because of the lies and disinformation he continuously puts out there and because of his childish behavior, he does not represent the leader of this country, in my opinion.

“I will never vote for Trump again.”