Martin  /  Washington

“Mr. Trump is a liar.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Martin. I am a former Trump voter, and I live in the state of Washington. I see January 6th as an attempted coup to overthrow the government, and there’s no way I can support Mr. Trump after January 6th. President Trump tried to subvert the electoral process by pressuring election officials in Georgia and Arizona.

“There were fake electoral college delegates. There was false information being put out. There was false lawsuits that plugged up the courts. I mean, it was a very well planned assault on our democratic process.

“There are many alarming things about a second Trump term. First, in my mind is what’s happening to Ukraine. He is not the president, but he is directing the House of Representatives in foreign policy matters. He has publicly stated he’s not going to spend another dime on Ukraine. We are going to see a democracy fall under Russian rule. Now, if you’re upset about Afghanistan falling, you should be 10 times more upset about Ukraine falling.

“It’s very disturbing to see what I consider bonafide Christians that back Mr. Trump. They do it publicly on Facebook and other avenues. If you read the book of Proverbs, Mr. Trump is a liar. He is an adulterer. He is a business swindler. He’s declared bankruptcy. And he’s encouraged violence. This is not a Christian.

“By the fruits of what he does, you can tell if he is or not and he is not. And for people to seize on one or two issues and say, oh, he’s Christian, we have to accept all of his warrants. Well, they’re not warrants. They’re deep, deep character flaws.

“My parents were born in mainland China. They went through World War II. After World War II, they saw the country was being taken over by communists. They did not wanna live in a communist society, so they left and landed in Taiwan. And so they lived in Taiwan for a few years and immigrated legally to the United States. But to stir up racial tensions and hatred over the immigration issue, is really wrong.

“When you say Asian immigrants, Latino immigrants are poisoning America’s blood, I take that very personally. Are you saying my parents poison Americans blood? Are you saying I did?

“Unless Nikki Haley is the Republican candidate for president, I plan to vote for Mr. Biden. It’s somewhat painful because… I wanna show you something.

“This is an invitation to Donald Trump’s inauguration, which I got in 2017, early 2017, ’cause I not only voted for him, but I supported his campaign financially.

“So in 2020 when I was done with Mr. Trump, I still could not bring myself to vote for Joe Biden. I’m an evangelical Christian. I believe in the right to life. There were things I didn’t like about Joe Biden, but now the lines are very clearly drawn. I’m gonna vote for democracy, and so I’m gonna vote for Biden even though there are aspects of his policies that I do not like. I continue to contribute to local Republican candidates. I still believe in Republican ideals that were espoused by people before Donald Trump. But, this is a vote for democracy or not democracy.”