Mike  /  Maryland

“Utterly disgusted by the way he talks, the way he demeans people, just his overall unprofessional behavior.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Mike. I am from Maryland. I did vote for Trump in 2016, and I will not be voting for him going forward. I just looked at it from the fact that he said that he was an outsider, he was going to drain the swamp, and the fact that he was not a career politician.

“I was under the impression that he would make change, but for good, and for the American people. And unfortunately, I believe from day one, it just wasn’t the case. Just the way he handles his speeches, the way he talks to people, the way he demeans people — just utterly disgusted in the way he talks, the way he demeans people.

“Just his overall unprofessional behavior in general. I can’t find another word other than just truly disgusted with it. So as a Marine, we took an Oath to defend the Constitution. He stated those words. And to go not only to January 6th and how that was handled. He’s on video stating, basically, “rush the Capitol.” As a President, as a political person, that should have never happened. Not only should it have never happened, he should have said, “Okay, this is getting out of hand. Let’s stop it.” He never did that. Now, I can understand doing a march to the Capitol or a march to a place, but to then start destroying it and hurting the people that are protecting that building — that’s a violation of the Constitution right there.

“So as a military person, I was appalled by that. But also, people that are of the military that were there, either active or no longer part of the military, there should be severe discipline in that. They basically broke their Oath. And they should be held accountable.

“Any active duty, military, police, anybody that is part of the government in one way or the other, should be removed and they should have disciplinary action against them. So from the President, from the people that were there, it just goes back to my other word: highly disgusted.

“Not only that whole entire day, but the continuation of what’s going on. Now they’re calling them “hostages” and, it’s just — as my wife would say, “I can’t even.” Whatever word you wanna put in underneath that, I can’t even believe that happened. I can’t even.”